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Ditch the Labels

You know what creates self love and understanding? (Realizing you are a unique thumbprint and designed to be exactly the way you are.)

You know what creates suffering and a lifetime of feeling broken? Diagnosing people, giving them labels, putting them on pharmaceuticals to “fix” them, and then shaming and judging them when they can’t change who they are to who you want them to be.

If I had stayed in the world of psychotherapy that told me I was broken and gave me a label to prove it, I would never have discovered that I am a medicine woman and mentor with a lifetime incarnation goal of healing in service to the collective.

Good thing I decided to be myself and quit listening to the matrix. I took a leap of faith and discovered my soul purpose by venturing outside the matrix to find my own answers.

Let’s stop the cycle of sorcery created by diagnosing people as mentally “ill”. Sorcery is what happens when you tell someone that they are broken and because you are an expert and authority they believe you. If you’re one of the people diagnosing and labeling: STOP IT.

If you’re one of the people who have been given a “mental illness” label, I invite you to realize that you are perfect just the way you are. Rather than try to “fix” yourself to conform to others’ expectations, learn about yourself.

Two great models of self inquiry that I love are Human Design Type and Gene Keys. They both give you a map of your psychology and embodied experience when you enter your date, time, and location of birth. They are highly accurate. You can also use these tools to understand the differences with your family members.

For example, my parents thought there was something wrong with me because I go through emotional waves. When I was a teenager they brought me to a psychiatrist who diagnosed me manic depressive which started my lifetime with the idiot labels.

If we had my human design chart at the time, we would have seen that I am emotionally centered and designed to ‘ride the emotional wave’ back to stillness before making decisions.

My mom and dad were non-emotional and therefore found emotions extremely uncomfortable to experience. So ultimately, I was labeled because being myself was difficult for my parents to experience.

The path to self love and acceptance begins with understanding yourself as a unique design, not a problem to be fixed.

If you’re called by this, reach out for an appointment to discuss how I can introduce you to these systems of self understanding. I love helping people liberate from labels and also love illuminating the dynamics in family systems. It’s so much simpler when you have the maps that reveal what’s going on.

If you’re a psychotherapist who wants to ditch the labels, reach out and let’s discuss private mentoring. I work with therapists to change the system from the inside out.