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We have come

I found a deep comfort at the Holy Mountain, the day we hiked to the Rainbow Lagoon. It is at high elevation (around 16000ft) and I was struggling with hiking because I had a deep altitude cough. I was resting on the bench overlooking the Rainbow Lagoon contemplating, as I often do, what more I could do or be to help with the Great Awakening.

I’m given frequent downloads that hold pieces of the puzzle that is coming together, but never the whole puzzle. Frankly, I don’t think my brain could process that. But my brain wants to process, predict, plan, and know in advance, and when I don’t know…I obsess. I do my best not to. But the thoughts keep coming.

So here I am at the top of the world, sitting quietly in wonder of the Holy Mountain and the Rainbow Lagoon, pondering how to inspire and support this great transformation so that the ice caps on Ausangatay and around the world stop melting. So we come into harmony with our planet. How can I get people to listen?

Then this lively group of late 20s, early 30s hikers join us. I enjoy their banter and youthful vitality from the bench. I wonder if they are awake and I listen to their conversations and decide they are in the process…as am I. The subject of healing the Earth arises in our combined groups and someone comments that it’s up to the young generation now to make the changes that are needed. I pipe up: “I’m not leaving it to my sons generation. I’m doing everything I can to help until I can’t anymore.”

Yes we are all in this together, the group decides. Part of the group of young hikers heads down the mountain as three remain. One of the three is a young man that has been sitting quietly gazing at the Rainbow Lagoon. As the three stand up to leave, I also stand to shake hands.

The quiet young man turns to me last and what I saw stopped time and gave me peace.

His eyes were deep pools of soul essence, timeless, knowing, wise, patient, and present. We gazed into each other’s eyes for what seemed an eternity and into my mind came the whisper:

Don’t worry. We are all here. We are in position. Everything is going according to plan. Relax and enjoy the ride.

And then he nodded and his eyes left me, and I felt the most faith I’ve felt in a long time that everything is gonna be alright.

We have come. We have come. We have come.

And we know who we are in truth.

Behold. We make all things new.