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I do this so you don’t miss out on your kids the way I did

I took my sons to the beach to get away and have family time.

It looks like I’m having a good time…right?

That’s the thing about pictures on social media. You only get the version of things that look good and make a good story.

In actuality, I was struggling to focus on my kids while obsessing about why the man I was distance dating had not texted or called. I lived in Austin, he lived in North Carolina. I met him on a dating site and our relationship was completely virtual.

I thought I was keeping my post-divorce dating away from my kids. But how is that true when I could not even be present with my kids and enjoy the moment at the beach?

I was constantly checking my phone. Stories were spinning in my brain. My mood was stormy. I was pretending to enjoy time at the beach with my kids. Later that night I stepped outside my hotel room where my kids were sleeping to argue with him when he finally called. Then slipped back into bed trying to hide my sniffles from crying.

This is one of my most painful regrets:
My lack of presence with my kids when they were growing up.

Between my man-obsession and my work obsession, where were my kids going to find any space in my brain for memories to be made?

As a result of my life’s choices, I am so passionate about helping mothers begin and deepen the spiritual journey.

You may ask why.

Because I want mothers to enjoy their kids and not miss out the way I did.

Be honest with yourself. How present are you with your kids? Is your mind constantly reviewing things at work when you’re at home? Are you obsessing over a guy instead of making memories with your children?

From the other side of that road I can tell you:
It’s time to do your inner work.

Clear the mental chatter. Set boundaries on work. And create the inner conditions that allow you to enjoy your life’s greatest creations.

I invite you to the Calling All Earth Mamas Sacred Virtual Gathering to begin the initiation that will change your life, and your family’s life. You’ll need to make space for you so you can make space for your kids. Real space. Present space.

Come and experience what it’s like to turn the volume down on the noise and claim the reins of your life.

Commit to yourself. Commit to your kids.

Join us: