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When Life Veers Somewhere New, Yell “Plot Twist!”

In the unusual moments when life throws you something unexpected (insert sarcasm), rather than going into resistance to the change, try a new approach. Yell “Plot Twist!!”

The truth is life changes all the time. But we as humans like predictability because it makes us feel more secure to have a sense of knowing what is going to happen next. Whenever we go into resistance to change, however, we are fighting against reality…and that is a losing battle. Think of a time when life threw you a huge curve ball. How did you react? Did you immediately go into mental strategies and actions to prevent the change from happening? Did you feel defeated and helpless?

There was a moment when transitioning out of my former career that my day job almost got extended an additional 8 months. That sure would have made things a whole lot easier! What happened, however, is that the company came back and renewed my layoff date as it originally stood. For a moment I felt panic. And then I smiled. Here’s why: I yelled “Plot Twist!!”

When I opened to the idea that my life is like a movie, I liberated my imagination and awareness from my fear and I remembered something significant. For several weeks I had strongly been setting intention for my new business as a life catalyst, creating energetic and physical world pathways for abundance to reach me through this new business (new DBAs filed, new bank accounts opened), and pouring love and gratitude into manifesting this intention in my life. The plot twist happened because the Universe decided to give me what I asked for; and what’s more, it showed me I was ready to take this leap out of the corporate cocoon right away.

So the next time you go into fear over an unexpected change in life direction, catapult yourself out of fear by yelling “Plot Twist!!”