Ditch the Knight! Get Yourself a Unicorn in Your Pocket!

Can you pinpoint the moment that life became serious for you? Where the responsibilities and disappointments killed off the last of your hope and imagination? Would you like to discover the secret to success for female executive directors at a leading Fortune 500 company? They’ll never publicly disclose it, but…

These women executives found a Unicorn, and they keep her in the pocket.

What would it be like to feel like life was a game again? Around every corner, with every sunrise, the potential of a new synchronistic connection leading you to your desires?

Too jaded to believe in miracles? Dismissing this article already as preposterous?

Let’s define Unicorn: Something unusual, rare, or unique.

Einstein said “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

If your life has some big boulders (disappointments, fears, regrets, resentments, and other heavy stuff), then you’ve got to expand the way you think about those boulders in order to get a different result. You’ve got to expand the way you process the problems in your life. You’ve got to get outside of your current mindset to allow a new possibility to reframe your perspective.

It’s helpful to talk to a Unicorn whose perspective is unusual, rare and unique to help you see your life from a new lens.

It’s hard to believe in miracles when you’re not witnessing them in your life. It’s much easier to believe when you’re inspired by someone who sees miracles every day, and is able to open a doorway for you to see them for yourself.

Does the thought of talking to a Unicorn give you an inner giggle? Awesome. Let’s do it!


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