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Rolling Thunder

When the Buffalo stampede it sounds and feels like rolling thunder. There are times in human history that are like a Buffalo stampede. What has been set in motion has so much momentum that all you can do is be present, centered, and see from the highest perspective possible to create positive outcomes from the friction. Practicing restraint, listening to understand more than be understood, and letting go of how it has been to stretch into the new potentials offered by the changing times—these are key for harvesting rather than suffering in times of rolling thunder.

The time of the Trail of Tears was a time of rolling thunder.

We are in another time of rolling thunder now. We cannot keep living the way we have become comfortable. We cannot stay divided, judging one another and harboring grudges from the past, and expect to fare well in this time that is calling us to work together to solve ever expanding issues of survival on Earth. We must put down our swords, temper our tongues, and grow new ears for listening to the wisdom of the ancestors and guides here to help humanity evolve.

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Artwork by Karen Cade