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The Time of Dragonfly Medicine

We are in a time of great dragonfly medicine that is helping us to radically shift from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

Dragonflies begin as waterborn creatures, navigating a watery world. Then the impulse to climb up a reed causes a meeting with the sun and near-instantly transforms the water creature into a dragon fly…a creature of the winds.

What snares dragonfly medicine are all the webs spun around the woods. These webs were spun by the words, stories, and repeating patterns of our ancestors who lived in the Age of Pisces. These webs hold great wisdom, and also great suffering.

To set the dragonfly free, we must snip the suffering from the webs, and reweave the webs to preserve the wisdom of our ancestors, while adding the medicine we will need for the Age of Aquarius.

We call on Spider, the master of consciousness webs, to help us snip and reweave the webs for ourselves, and for the collective.

Are you seeing where your dragonfly is getting caught up in some ancestral or collective webs?

Join me and Sophia Wise One for quantum and ancestral healing on Friday 9/9 for a Harvest Full Moon event at 8p ET / 7p CST / 5p PT.

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If you would prefer to work individually for a Spider medicine reweaving, schedule a 30 minute session or a 60 minute session for a comprehensive shamanic clearing/healing.