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Are you creating consciously?

On this planet we get to learn about co-creation by seeing out-pictured in the world our state of consciousness. Everything is a metaphor and a message to reveal to you whether your soul or your ego is leading the way based on what hooks your attention and what you thereby expand with your attention to create more of it through the power of your belief.

Witness the creation of the coronavirus, an invisible enemy that can kill you. Are we in a year of the great awakening? What does the ego fear in a year of awakening? What would the ego like to avoid in a year of awakening?


So against all evidence to the contrary, the collective ego has decided that we must:

– put a mask on because awakening is about taking the mask of the false personality off…and the ego wants us to put that mask back on. We will even shame each other into it because the egoic consciousness is individual and collective. (The surgeon general has now emphatically stated there is no proof that masks are helpful at this time.)

– stay six feet away from each other to avoid spreading the virus. Do you know the size of an auric field? You guessed it! Six feet. As Jennifer Hough shared in The Second Wave book, one of the ways we ascend human consciousness is by sharing photon packages of light with each other that share our state of consciousness. Lightworkers who have been healing the collective for quite some time have embodied healed patterns that we share with others as our auric fields are in contact with others. So…if an ego did not want to let go of control, wouldn’t it be a good thing to enforce a six foot distance?

– stay inside your house, that way you’re separated from the healing resonance of Mother Earth, a resonance designed to bring you into harmony with what is happening on the planet which is the Great Awakening.

– generate ideas and take actions that provoke fear in the collective to ensure people unconsciously reach for sedatives and other distractions to avoid feeling their bodies…which is a necessary step for awakening. And so people whose egos are running the show are unconsciously instigating ideas into the collective that trigger the unconscious fears of others. Is there an entire population that has been dogmatically programmed to believe that the devil is going to take people to hell? Why yes. So now there’s a bill introduced by an unconscious human with the numbers 6666. Now people can unconsciously react from fear and create more of it, rather than see that this is a ploy of the unconscious collective ego to avoid waking up.

Let your soul lead the way.
Witness without believing.
Feel the feelings and transmute to light.

You are witnessing the creations of an unconscious collective human ego.

Guide toward a better outcome while doing your best to not judge the creations of unconscious people.

We are moving through the eye of the needle.

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