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Owl Invites You To Trust Your Intuition, Earth Mama

Owl is the dark feminine master of the night-time forest.
She teaches us to listen deeply to all the nuances of our lives, thereby cultivating strong intuition.
She invites us to see into the shadows what stirs there and transform our experiences into wisdom.
She beckons us to be bold, and to swiftly swoop in to claim our bounty.
Owl has helped me to trust myself as a mother. She helped me to awaken my womb wisdom and guide my life, and my family, by this deep internal compass. She showed me not to be afraid of the dark, rather to embrace my shadows with curiosity and learn my lessons so I can walk with wisdom through the world.
Now Owl invites you to open up your intuition and trust where it is guiding you.
Close your eyes, place one hand over your heart, the other just under your belly.
Take three deeeeep cleansing belly breaths.
Feel Owl fly above your head to clear away all confusion.
Let Owl fly past your heart to release doubts and fears.
What’s the truth of your heart? Will you join me at Calling All Earth Mamas?