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Let Go And Flow With The Divine

Have you ever learned how to float on your back on water? As I was learning, I remember how uncomfortable it was to lean back into the water, feeling the water surround my head and fill my ears. Lifting my feet off the bottom of the pool was a tremendous act of faith. Any instability in the water would send my feet back to the bottom. As I practiced I was able to float for longer periods of time because I learned how to use gentle motions with my hands to correct water ripples that threatened my sense of security. Now I can lie virtually still on top of the water with only the tiniest motions to correct my floating posture. So still that I could even fall asleep. And times I have allowed myself to deepen into this awake yet dreamy space on the surface of the water, I have also experienced that jerk of fear that sends you shooting back up to your feet…only to find yourself in water that is merely knee deep.

Moving into my purpose path has been just such an experience. Holding myself compassionately during those knee-jerk moments of fear, calmly redirecting myself back to the water. Lie down sweet one, and let spirit carry you. Float. Allow. Correct the flow gently, make minor adjustments, breathe, trust. Hold the intention, practice, learn. The ground is right below your feet….you can always stand back up.

As we align with our innermost voice, there’s a way in which we can float more effortlessly and surrender to the Flow of divine energy, allowing it to carry us safely home.