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Trust Your Becoming

Sometimes in the transformation process, disorientation sets in and you can temporarily lose sight of the clear path you initially saw stretching out in front of you. In this uncertainty, you might question your judgement for starting out on this course of action. You might doubt yourself and feel like you’re crazy for choosing to take this journey. People in your life might compound your fears by voicing their own concerns about your choices.


Let your breath move the doubt out of your being. Imagine your body is filled with fearful smoke and that with each breath you can blow that fear out of yourself. In the calm created by clearing your internal storm, plant a seed of TRUST.

Every creature on Earth has a unique design that it effortlessly grows into without knowing its own pattern. The ugly duckling becomes the most beautiful swan without doing anything more than breathing and becoming. Your mind does not need to understand your pattern ahead of time in order for you to evolve. Follow your heart and you will become exactly what you are meant to be.