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Do What Lights You Up And SHINE!

I’ve always been driven to follow my passions, and determined to not work in a cubicle. After my first two full-time corporate jobs, I negotiated a transition into consulting and I never went back into immersion as an employee. For two decades I leveraged my high-tech skills on a part-time consulting basis to bring in the revenue that allowed me to pursue my art professionally for the rest of the week.

But I never quite got free of high tech until this year. I just could not seem to find the magic formula to making a living full-time from my passion for art. Part of the reason why is that I had not yet discovered my life’s purpose until several years ago following my divorce. I had to leave my marriage to return to my authenticity, and from authenticity I was able to make room for my life’s calling to emerge. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of my former life, this purpose rose and expanded and generated an amazingly vibrant light. I certainly never predicted that I would be a transformation coach!

As my new life’s purpose was incubating inside of me, I was still working high tech to support myself through training and certification. Increasingly I noticed how doing the technical writing work was draining the joy from my heart. Even just an hour of it made my heart sink. I also noticed a bleakness whenever I would visit the corporate office for the job that was sustaining me during transition. Whether it was ‘true’ or simply my perception, I felt that there was a sense of hopelessness in the employees, of lights turned on dim, of boredom.

Now that I have made the leap into full-time transformation coaching, I feel completely alive. Every day is a new firewalk, a new challenge to figure out, a new exciting turn in the evolution of my fledgling business. When I drop into awareness of how I am actually doing this and surviving, I am in complete awe. From awe, I feel intense gratitude. From gratitude, I want to help YOU do what lights you up.

Top 5 recommendations:

  • If you don’t know what your life’s passion is yet, keep trying things that intrigue you, sound far-fetched, and make you excited.
  • Never give up. Keep your vision set on where your heart wants to lead you. Once you set clear intent, anything that arises in the way of that is what you need to clean up to get what you desire. The Universe is saying YES when it presents challenges to you!
  • Balance what you have to do to bring in money, with what you need to do to manifest your new life. Lean uncomfortably far in the direction of neglecting your day job in favor of taking steps to manifest your dream job.
  • Don’t believe your own naysaying thoughts. Trust your heart.
  • Be sure that the choices you make every day (even the teensy weensy ones) are in alignment with your intent. The Universe is paying attention to the details.