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When a sister shines, I am delighted

Do you want to know what brings me true deep delight?

When a sister believes in herself and says YES to a sacred initiation. A beloved sister said yes this morning to next year’s inner medicine program, and she is someone I have loved mentoring over the last few years. She is starting to see what I see: an Earth Mama with a huge heart who is going to touch lives with love sparks from her own evolution.

I love the moment in a mentoring circle when the clouds of suffering begin to part, and the sunshine of truth and revelation spreads across faces. The only response at that point is to laugh at those ridiculous clouds.

As If! As if those clouds are who you are! No way sisters and brothers. No way.

You are beyond all the suffering. You are the sun that shines within and dispels the clouds as mere mist, only an illusion.

Want to discover the sunshine within? Let’s do it together because it’s fun to share the moment with each other.

Now that you know what makes me smile… ❤️  let me make a little invitation…

Will you say YES to the possibility that you’re an Earth Mama and life is magical? (Lover and nurturer of life, all genders welcome)

If so, click here to join us on Saturday October 30 for a sacred virtual gathering with the shamans where we open to the mystery with delight.

Calling All Earth Mamas
Saturday October 30, 4-7pm CST over Zoom