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From We to Me

This new book contains all my wisdom about transitioning from a decades-long ‘We’ relationship into the completely opposite paradigm: ‘Me’. It contains essays on topics ranging from the demise of the relationship, to handling finances as a single mom, to co-parenting with your former spouse, to dating as a single woman, to finding a way to love yourself and accept your present life circumstance. I have had the incredible benefit of amazing teachers who helped me along this journey, and I am delighted to share my wisdom with you!

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Awakening To Me: One Woman’s Journey To Self Love

Category Winner in the 2014 The Independent Spiritual Book Awards competition, Self-Help Category Winner in the 2015 NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards, and Spirituality Category Winner in the 2015 National Indie Excellence Awards!
Very excited to have won TISBA Best in Category for Memoirs, Pinnacle Best in Category for Self-Help, and National Indie Excellence Awards Winner in Category for Spirituality. More information about The Independent Spiritual Book Awards competition is here.

Awakening To Me is a story of personal metamorphosis, written over the course of several years in real time as life unfolded and lessons were learned. It is a work of naked truth about Kerri Hummingbird’s struggles with borderline personality disorder, recovering from divorce after a 20 year marriage, and seeking love from outside herself. The story documents how alternative healing methods (shamanic energy medicine and reiki) and mindfulness practices (Yoga and Toltec wisdom) led to an amazing transformation that arguably negates the former psychological diagnosis. Kerri shares her story so that others may witness that with dedication, faith, and a willingness to shine a light into the shadows, challenges can be overcome and lasting inner peace and self-love can be cultivated. Let Kerri’s story and her heartfelt recommendations for self-help inspire you to begin your own journey of healing.

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