3 Steps To Reinvent Yourself and Claim Your Deepest Desires!

It sounds too good to be true? After you read the first chapter of my memoir and compare that darkness to where I live today, I believe you'll be ready to open your mind to a new possibility. 

I have so much to share with you, if you can listen. You can build a blessed life without spending years in weekly psychotherapy, and without pills.

Take the first step of your journey
to a new reality.
Kudos For Kerri

"Kerri's raw courage and vulnerable transparency blaze a trail for any woman on a healing journey..."

"Awakening to Me is a magnificent book that takes us behind the scenes of transformation, and shows how even the most difficult situations can be the fodder for finding oneself. Let Kerri's book guide you to find your independence and self-love."
HeatherAsh Amara
Author of Warrior Goddess Training

"In her words, she seeks to give voice to those who have no voice...."

"Her life voyage takes her through light and darkness, to amazing heights and agonizing lows. In her world travels she meets with some of the teachers who have helped shape the views of spiritual development for a generation. Each has something to share with her that may shed light upon your own path, as well."
Gerry Starnes
Author of Spirit Paths: Quest for Authenticity

"Awakening to Me is an invitation to self-honesty, persistence in seeking meaningful help, and the long work of sustained effort....."

"This powerful book intensely and beautifully expresses the internal world of someone with Borderline Personality Disorder. The author takes us on a tour of her internal emotional world: the depths of despair, the emptiness, and frantic efforts to find love. Ms. Hummingbird takes us with her on the journey toward internal independence and core stability – what works and what doesn’t."

Category Judge
Indie Spiritual Book Awards 2014

"Awakening to Me is a truly inspirational book..."

"[It shows] that the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder is not necessarily a life sentence. With courage, perseverance and the proper tools, Kerri was able to build a core sense of self that had been missing due to early abuse. I highly recommend this book and the Toltec/shamanistic practices described within."

Devon Rubin, M.S.W., L.C.S.W.

"Awakening to Me is a true, honest sharing of the author’s downward spiral to rock bottom despair and her excruciating painful search for love..."

"Kerri shares with us the healing modalities such as fire walking, energy medicine, acupuncture, shamanic meditations, recapitulation and more, that proved to her benefit and triumph over her struggles and self-defeating perceptions. This raw and uncensored account of her transformation is pure inspiration at its finest. I found myself cheering this spiritual warrior woman on, as she made breakthrough after breakthrough, facing her demons. "

Barbara Becker
Author of Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography
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