So many women are discovering Warrior Goddess Training from HeatherAsh Amara, and waking up to the possibility of speaking their truth, honoring themselves, and standing in their own power. It’s a revolution to unleash the divine feminine, and HeatherAsh is trying her best to get around the country to the women who are yearning for these teachings. But there are thousands of women who crave these teachings, and only one HeatherAsh.

Meanwhile, I am bursting at the seams with desire to share everything I’ve learned from studying intensively with HeatherAsh over 3 years. I thought maybe, just maybe, there are women out there who do not have the resources to travel to a Warrior Goddess Weekend, but would love to invite me to share the wisdom with them in their home town. If that’s you, then I’m excited to meet you!

I am certified as a Warrior Goddess Facilitator, certified as an Artist of the Spirit Coach, and certified as a Sundoor firewalk instructor! I’m delighted to share space with you and let you absorb the vibrations from these amazing teachings that I’ve been soaking up for years.

The Vision

Here’s what I dreamed up: I can rent an Airbnb in your town and spend the weekend sharing wisdom with you that I embodied over years of studying with HeatherAsh Amara. To do this, I need your help to sign up 10 women for the Day 1 Workshop by the make or break deadline which will be one month before the event. If we meet that minimum, I’ll be there with glitter….lots of glitter!

Day 1 Workshop  –  Warrior Goddess Reclaim  –  10am to 4pm  –  Early Bird $145/person  (1 month before event, 10 women minimum)  $199/person Regular

Day 1 Evening – Optional Firewalk (if your fire department allows it!)  –  5:30pm to 9pm  – Early Bird $65/person  (1 month before event, 25 minimum)  $75/person Regular

Day 2 Workshop –  Your Choice from Optional Workshops  – 10am to 4pm  – Early Bird $99/person  (1 month before the event, 6 women minimum) $145/person Regular

Additional Savings for Both Workshops (save $20):  Early Bird  $225,  Regular $325
* firewalk is separate

The Offerings

reclaim2Day 1 Workshop: Warrior Goddess RECLAIM, 10am to 4pm

Are you ready to invest in yourself? Do you desire greater love, joy, play and purpose in your life? Are you ready to own your power and stand confidently in it? Are you ready to shine your light bright (without worrying about outshining others)? If you can dedicate one full day to unlocking your inner potential, then this offering is for YOU!

Reclaim Your Power: Warrior Goddess Workshop will deliver to you more vitality and clarity than you’ve had in a long time. Powerful awareness practices will help you shift out of detrimental domestication patterns and toxic thinking to reveal your stunningly beautiful inner light. You’ll feel amazingly free with a spirit of playful curiousity after you liberate yourself from the heavy burdens of your past ways of being. In this supportive circle of women, you’ll experience a profound level of acceptance and support perhaps far deeper than you’ve experienced in your female friendships before.

This workshop teaches:

  • Embodying your Warrior and your Goddess…together
  • A new framework for personal power
  • Unraveling old patterns and unproductive agreements
  • Setting clear intent and focus
  • Clearing out what’s not working
  • Cultivating the qualities you desire
  • Filling up on love, compassion and support!

insight-rotator6ha2Optional Day 2 Workshop: Warrior Goddess Crash Course, 10am to 4pm

Normally following the RECLAIM Workshop I would lead a circle of women in 4 weeks of deeper dive into the Warrior Goddess teachings. Since I’m bringing the Warrior Goddess wisdom to your home town, I created this optional Warrior Goddess Crash Course to immerse you in the teachings and get you off to a great start!

This course teaches an overview of:

  • Freeing yourself from domestication
  • Committing to you
  • Aligning with life
  • Purifying your vessel
  • Grounding and shielding
  • Energizing your creativity
  • Claiming your strength
  • Igniting your will
  • Unraveling strategies that keep you stuck
  • Opening to your heart’s guidance
  • Speaking your truth with clear communication
  • Claiming your unique path

catalyzelifeOptional Day 2 Workshop: Catalyze Your Life, 10am to 4pm

When my 20 year marriage ended just over 5 years ago, I felt lost. I didn’t know who I was anymore, and I wasn’t sure what I really wanted except that somehow, I wanted to feel good again. With the guidance of amazing spiritual teachers, I realized I could write a new epic story for myself. I realized that I could make my whole life into a beautiful piece of art. Now that I’m living that incredible life that I dreamed of, I want to share with YOU how I did it. I created this course to get you started on your journey…to help you Catalyze Your Life!

This workshop covers:

  • Setting vision from the heart
  • Building support for yourself
  • Getting out of your own way
  • Turning challenges into power
  • Nurturing your success
  • Investing in your dreams

This workshop is also available as an online course. Check out the details here:

image-435Optional Day 2 Workshop: Embrace Your Crazy, 10am to 4pm

Have you been told you are… gasp! Crazy? Maybe people in your life think you are too intense, too emotional, or too sensitive? Do you have a hard time containing your powerful emotions? When you share your perspective on things, do people close to you tell you that you’re wrong? Are you often to blame for arguments or misunderstandings (usually with the accusation that it’s because you’re crazy)? Do you see or sense things that other people are not aware of?  For example, maybe you feel affected by other people’s emotions?

If any of these statements resonates with you, then I’m glad you’re here! I invite you to consider what would it feel like to:

  • Confidently express your perspective and not care what anyone thinks!
  • Feel free of the burden of other people’s emotions and expectations!
  • Accept and love yourself unconditionally!
  • Surround yourself with people who appreciate you!

This workshop teaches:

  • Managing Emotional Energy and Boundaries
  • Quieting the Cycling Thoughts
  • Unblocking Your Voice/Truth
  • Receiving Help from Spirit Guides

This workshop is also available as an online course. Check out the details here:

Next Steps

To bring me to your home town and offer these workshops, simply fill out this form and we’ll get started! What I’ll do is work with you to set dates for the workshops in your home town, and then I’ll create the web pages necessary to market the event. We’ll work together and do our best to fill the workshop by the make or break deadline so I can come to you with glitter…lots of glitter!

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