image-161The focus of Transformation Coaching is to empower you to get to where you want to be in your life. Every session gives you insights, tools and practices that help push the needle forward so that you are making consistent progress towards your goals. During a session I’ll ask lots of questions that probe you to discover places you are stuck, or patterns of thinking that do not serve you. With my training as an Artist of the Spirit Coach created by HeatherAsh Amara and Diana Adkins (combined 50+ years of coaching!), I have a wealth of powerful practices that create measurable shift. This coaching methodology is steeped in The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz (and Toltec tools for shifting reality) since it was created by one of his long-time students, HeatherAsh.

My goal in coaching is to:

  • Raise your awareness so you can become aware of different aspects contributing to your life challenges.
  • Go deeper into the center of pain points so we can dissolve them from the inside out. We will not white-knuckle it while saying affirmations; rather we will clean out the wound so it can heal.
  • Shift your assemblage point (the filter by which you perceive life) so you can see your challenge from 360 degrees and move forward in a new direction.

There’s one thing you will NOT find in my coaching style and that is judgement. Read my memoir, Awakening To Me, to understand why shame, blame, and guilt are booted out of my coaching sessions. It’s helpful to have a coach who has had to navigate murky waters. I understand what it is like to live from shame and feel overwhelmingly depressed and anxious, I have experienced what it is like to have negative thoughts spinning around in your mind uncontrollably, and I know how it feels to be triggered and out of control with your words and actions. In four years, I transformed myself from a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder and the end of a 20 year co-dependent marriage to my current state of being single and independently employed, speaking and acting consciously, and feeling peace, gratitude, and a great deal of joy. I can help you navigate the pathway to the life you desire.

Transformation Coaching works best when you can commit to yourself and invest in your success. I offer attractive packages for one year and six months. If you are the type of person who wants NO UPPER LIMIT to your success, then I am interested in helping you achieve that goal. To be considered for my inner circle of clients, complete the Catalyze Your Life Assessment. It all starts with the initial assessment.


“The challenge of life can be that we feel alone in our pursuits, chained by childhood traumas and without guidance in all facets of our lives. When Kerri steps into your life, not only do you feel as though you have a support team, you learn to find the support, love and guidance that you’ve been looking for from other people inside of yourself. Kerri offers healing techniques that are easy to practice daily and that are more than just words, they are practical, non-traditional methods to make changes in your daily life. She also offers incredible insight into the core of patterns and issues that hinder individuals from living as their highest selves. What makes Kerri distinct in her practice is her honesty, ability to relate to your problems through her life experiences and consistency. I’ve recommended her service to all of my friends. I wouldn’t be working with anyone else.” –Krishna

If you are ready to push the needle forward towards the life you dream about…


Consider committing to yourself. Invest in your soul’s longing with transformation coaching that will substantially lift your happiness ceiling. The yearly and six month coaching packages include weekly one-hour coaching calls, powerful life experiments and practices to shake you out of stuckness, and unlimited email communication to answer questions and keep you moving forward when you need a helping hand.

When you commit to yourself, I will pour transformative resources into you as fast as you can receive them.

It all begins with your initial assessment to see if working with Kerri Hummingbird is right for YOU. Let’s get started!