Targeted Support

Targeted Support

You've hit a bump in the road and need some immediate assistance moving that challenge out of your way. I specialize in clearing stagnant emotional energy, energetically liberating clients from negative patterns and beliefs, and clearing the slate so my clients can have a new experience in their lives.

If you have even the vaguest sense of your challenge...maybe you feel you are blocked but can't describe it more than that...I can help you clear it out of your field so it no longer hampers your progress. If you are aware of a specific block and want to clear it out of your way, schedule an Illumination Session which can be in person or remote.

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You can receive a FREE Illumination session when you purchase the THREE FOR THE PRICE OF TWO Package!


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Schedule an Illumination Session ($199-$250) Package of 3 Illumination Sessions ($699)


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