You have a purpose to fulfill.
It’s more important than ever that you step into it.

You hear a calling deep within yourself. You see a vision of your destiny. You have that knowing feeling that this is what you came here to do.

What’s stopping you?

Fear. Fear that you don’t have the resources. Fear that you’re going to lose all your worldly goods if you follow the inspiration in your heart. Self-doubt that you have got the message right, or that you have the skills you need to make it happen.

I don’t want fear to stop you.

We all need a guide as we step onto the path to purpose. Fear and self-doubt are persistent enemies. Being an agent of change can be challenging. We are often called to speak words or take actions that make ourselves and others uncomfortable, and yet we must do so to keep moving forward toward our destinies.

What would support you to answer the call to purpose?

For me, it’s these three things:

  • Strong spiritual teachings to keep my ship sailing in the right direction.
  • Sound practical and tactical steps I can take daily and weekly to build momentum.
  • Community of like-minded individuals to lift up one another.

This is exactly what I’ve created with the Catalyze Your Passion Group Mentoring program.

Catalyze Your Passion Group Mentoring

Step out onto the path to your passion, or keep going and GROWING, with this support:

  • Monthly group mentoring calls over Zoom to learn a new perspective, receive healing for what is not serving you, and gain a new tool for your toolbox. You can tune into Zoom or call in from your phone. Each call is 1 hour and recorded so you can listen to it as often as you need.
  • Private web page with access to all mentoring calls as well as tools and resources.
  • Secret Facebook group for sharing experiences with others and lifting each other up.


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