We are at a pivotal point in human history where we are invited to choose: make the changes necessary for humanity to survive on Mother Earth, or not and face extinction. This has been prophesied for centuries. To support us in making the necessary changes for survival, we are invited to become liberated from all the paradigms that have led us up to this current state of the world.

What is offered here is a rewiring that liberates us from our old consciousness so we can receive the activations and realizations that empower us to claim sovereignty. From sovereignty, we can co-create a new “normal” that supports all of life on Earth. To do this, we are invited to do “the work” to change our consciousness from the inside out.

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Receive the Liberation Series

The first Liberation series heals these themes: control from external authority, fears that keep you from stepping into your purpose, alignment to truth, boundaries, distractions and where you place your focus, division and polarity, shifting identity from group to soul, liberation from history (familial, ancestral, karmic), and self-worth.
8 recorded sessions for $111
111 is an angel number aligned with the manifestation of this series.

Receive the Liberation Encore Series

The Liberation Encore series heals these themes: blocks to prosperity, limitations from past stories and beliefs, lack and scarcity and endless consuming, comparison with others, dissatisfaction, self-destructive behavior, drama, desire for perfection, outdated models of privilege, and more!

8 recorded sessions for $111
111 is an angel number aligned with the manifestation of this series.

Receive Liberation and Liberation Encore

Receive both the Liberation and Liberation Encore Series, 16 recorded sessions: $222
This is an angel number aligned with manifestation, keeping in balance, and creating blessings on a huge and global scale.