Love Is Fierce: Healing the Mother Wound

The current state of our world demonstrates clearly that we have all been touched by the Mother Wound. For thousands of years, mothers have been disempowered, shamed, belittled, and abused. As a result, many mothers have become victims and been unloving, neglectful, and competitive with their children. A woman with the Mother Wound cannot help but pass it on to her children through her womb.

Do you lack the confidence to trust yourself and go for what you want? When you take actions towards your dreams, does self-doubt infect your certainty? Do you find yourself distracting and numbing while also feeling something is missing inside? Do you feel disrespected and like your wisdom is being dismissed? Do you have a hard time asking for what you need?

Being infected by the Mother Wounds shows up in all these ways plus mean shaming self-talk, competition, repressed sexuality, lack of focus, difficulty with intimacy, and financial struggle.

To heal the Mother Wound, we need to courageously break the sacred vow that each of us takes upon entering the human realms: the vow not to speak of the Mother Wound.

This sacred vow causes self-harm and internal turmoil because we are not able to express the truth of what we have received through our mothers. When we cannot express our own truth, we become self-sabotaging.

If you are reading this, YOU are the one chosen by your ancestry to break the pattern. As part of a sacred circle of women restoring connection to the Divine Mother with support of White Buffalo Calf Woman, you will courageously see the truth, heal the Mother Wound within you, and make a new sacred vow that honors your mother by first honoring yourself.  Join us in the “Healing the Mother Wound with White Buffalo Calf Woman” Circle that begins Saturday October 24 at 10am CST (11am ET/8am PT)… Details below.

If this speaks to you, Kerri is a wonderful teacher and gifted healer. – Robin Fougnier Chacon

What the world needs now is the fierce love and courageous truth of healed women and whole earth mamas. Together, White Buffalo Women will mend the Sacred Hoop and restore balance between humanity and Mother Earth.

Receive Chapters 1 & 2 immediately at You’ll also receive access to “The Return of Mother Wisdom: Mending the Sacred Hoop” Summit that runs January 4-20, 2021 sharing wisdom from medicine women for the time we are entering.

Blessings to all mothers, and all humans. Blessings to the Divine Mother.

Publication Date: January 20, 2021

Healing the Mother Wound with White Buffalo Calf Woman Circle

Join a sacred circle of women restoring connection to the Divine Mother with support of White Buffalo Calf Woman. Courageously see the truth, heal the Mother Wound within you, and make a new sacred vow that honors your mother by first honoring yourself. This series meets weekly beginning Saturday October 24 and ending January 30, 2021. Each session includes channeled guidance from White Buffalo Calf Woman, inner exploration, and shamanic healing. All registrants receive an advance signed copy of “Love Is Fierce: Healing the Mother Wound.”

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Kerri’s work around the Mother Wound was truly impactful. I found myself healing aspects of myself that I never realized were the core reasons I’ve been stuck from calling all of me forward. But this healing work felt loving. It felt freeing and truly, I left this experience doing this work feeling free to finally unleash all of me into the world. I couldn’t have done this without the guidance and nudging of Kerri and her pursuance of my heart to fully show up in the world. – M.M.

I went through this program and I’m extremely Grateful! Kerri’s program helped me understand my lack of confidence, my tendency to lash out at others, and my deep seeded need for approval from the most judgmental people. Today I am working towards my dreams, I’m so much gentler with myself, and I’ve learned that failure isn’t tragedy or proof of my worthlessness, it’s part of learning and my Self Worth isn’t dependent on my accomplishments or others perception of me. – Bonny Lowe

I am so grateful to have Kerri as a friend and mentor. I’ve been blessed to study with amazing educators and thought leaders, during my 30 years in the healing arts. Healing the Mother Wound was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. She embodies fierce love with tremendous courage, joy, compassion, vulnerability and ancient wisdom. I’m pre-ordering my copy! – Gina Treuter

Dates for the Weekly Circle

Every Saturday will be two time options for joining the live Weekly Circle:
– 11am ET / 10am CST / 8am PT / 4pm London / 5pm Madrid
– 5pm ET / 4pm CST / 2pm PT / 5am Hong Kong / 8am Australia / 9am New Zealand

– Saturday October 24
– Saturday October 31
– Saturday November 7
– Saturday November 14
– Saturday November 21
– Saturday December 5
– Saturday December 12
– Saturday December 19
– Saturday January 2
– Saturday January 9
– Saturday January 16
– Saturday January 23
– Saturday January 30


You can sign up for the Weekly Circle, or you can register for the Weekly Circle plus Mentoring which adds a group mentoring call for targeted personal help every other week on Wednesday evening at 7pm CST (8pm ET / 5pm PT).

Weekly Circle – 3 payments of $111    or   upfront payment of $300

Weekly Circle Plus Mentoring – 3 payments of $222 or upfront payment of $600

Together we will dance through the shadows and reclaim our inner wisdom!