Embrace Your Crazy


In this series my goal is to share with you everything I’ve learned over my 47 years on the planet for loving who I am…and it all started with embracing my crazy. Now I’m here to help you embrace your crazy. What do I really mean by embracing your crazy? Do I mean anything goes? That you can do anything you want to and people just have to accept it?

Not exactly. When I say embracing your crazy, I mean accepting the things about yourself that other people in your life have judged you for or called crazy. I mean learning to understand the beautiful gifts in the aspects of yourself that others have not appreciated because we are in a profound planetary shift and learning as we go about energy and intention and the power of being a divine creator!

When I say embracing your crazy, I mean adopting the stance that you are how you are for a very good reason. I mean learning about yourself enough to finally understand why you think, feel, act the way you do. And I mean stepping out of the victim role and into a place of empowerment where your special gifts are vital for the world to receive…like X Men.

Embracing your crazy also means learning how to validate yourself. It’s not that we don’t care what others think; it’s just that we learn how to self-validate using our own unique guidance. This aspect of embracing your crazy mandates that you realize one extremely pertinent fact: there is not one reality that you are somehow out of sync with (thereby making you crazy). There are 7 billion people on the planet and 7 billion different realities all coexisting. When people say you are crazy, it is because they’ve made the assumption that the way they view the world is THE ONLY WAY to think/act/believe. Now that’s crazy.

Begin the journey!

  • Managing Emotional Energy and Boundaries
    In this experiential webinar, I discuss strategies and share practices for sitting through discomfort, making feelings your friend, releasing stagnant emotional energy, flowing feelings as they arise, establishing energetic boundaries to protect your from others’ emotional energy, and grounding and shielding yourself. You’ll receive handouts and can access the webinar from a secure page on my website.
  • Quieting the Cycling Thoughts
    In this experiential webinar, I share methods for quieting the inner judge that shames and blames you for every mistake. I teach you methods I share with my clients for disposing of false beliefs that limit you, shifts in perception to help you learn how to not take it personally, and I teach you ways of getting around your mind to make permanent shifts in your life. You will experience a meditation I use with clients expressly for healing the inner child (who is usually the voice complaining). I teach you how to leverage your power of manifestation from a quiet mind to manifest all you desire in your life. You’ll receive handouts and can access the webinar from a secure page on my website.
  • Unblocking Your Voice/Truth
    In this experiential webinar I teach you how to unravel the strategies that keep you from knowing your own truth and expressing it. I teach you ways to engage your body wisdom to cultivate your intuition and self-validate, and we will do an energy healing practice to remove the blockage in your throat so you can finally start voicing your truth to others. You’ll explore how to sit through the discomfort of fear of rejection in anticipation of the reward of honoring yourself. You’ll receive handouts and can access the webinar from a secure page on my website.
  • Receiving Help from Spirit Guides
    In this experiential webinar I’ll teach you how to invite spiritual support from the kind, benevolent generous beings of light that surround you. I’ll share with you how to cultivate a relationship with your ancestors and spirit guides, how to ask for their support, and how to receive messages to help you along your life path. You’ll learn the ways you might receive information from beyond the veil, as well as how you can strengthen your receptivity and connection to Spirit. You’ll receive handouts and can access the webinar from a secure page on my website.

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