Thank you so much for desiring to post a testimonial about my coaching services! It truly helps other prospects determine whether or not my services are a good fit when they can hear the experiences of existing or former clients. Please be as specific as you can about what helped you during our time coaching together. Think about the kind of information that would help you to evaluate a coach! For example, did you find it helpful to have an accountability partner? Or was the energy healing transformative? Or did the energy practices (grounding, shielding, recapitulation) give you a way to cultivate strength? Or did you gain new perspectives that helped you perceive your life differently?

You can put a link to your social media profile picture into the picture field. If you do not wish to post a picture, that is totally acceptable as well. The testimonial will be submitted to my system, and I will manually approve it to make it appear on the website.

Thank you for helping me grow my practice!!