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Sacred Dreaming for Our Tribe

I’ve been sacred dreaming of a tribe of powerful women with inner wisdom who unite together to change the world for our future generations.  I’ve been feeling what it would be like to ascend our consciousness together and have each other’s backs.

Sometimes the desire for my tribe is so potent that I can descend into disappointment and impatience if I do not see the Universe manifesting my desires in the way I had hoped (expected).

When I find myself in this place of frustration, I float. I surrender. I release. And I return to the sacred dream knowing that everything I deeply desire is a seed planted in me by the Universe to grow into full manifestation. So it is already so. My tribe is already here, with me.

This week I am floating every day to surrender to the vision over and over and over again. Yesterday, I floated and got so still and so quiet that I heard my heart beating. And in the beat of my own heart, I felt the pulse of the Universe. I touched the edge of timelessness and then time vanished and I was one with timelessness while being able to be present that there was the construct of time all around me.

These mystical experiences are part of the awakening process that I help facilitate my tribe open to receive. Sharing awakening together as a tribe is deeply fulfilling for me.

How about you? Does this sound appealing?

This Saturday’s Calling All Earth Mamas global virtual gathering is a taste of what is to come in next year’s programs and in our tribe. Experience it for yourself here.

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Let’s do this together.