It's time for you to remember your true essence

Close your eyes and tune into your heart. Feel the incredible person that you are. Remember why you came here in this lifetime. Did you get lost in the shuffle? Did you get confused and unsure of yourself? Did you forget we're here to learn and play? It's ok. I'm here to help you find your way back home. I'm here to help you trust your inner passion and power, listen to your inner guidance, and step fully into living your truth. Your dreams deserve to see the light of day. I'm committed to you. Are you?

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Your guide to Soul Nectar


I love helping guide women through the maze of the mind and all its judgments, comparisons, and limitations to break free of the restrictions of our ancestry and blossom into the incredible potential destinies that are possible when we live from our hearts, connected to our deepest knowing.

Shift into personal power.
I love helping women become aware of the blocks in the subconscious, and shift into personal power by transforming 'mistakes' into wisdom so they can claim the gifts of their life experiences. I truly enjoy being a compassionate witness for all the shadows buried deep in the subconscious, and helping clients harvest the gold from everything they thought was shameful and regrettable.

Taste your own Soul Nectar.
The more we face our fears, release our repressed emotions, and forgive our past, the more room we have to embrace all that we are and experience the most wonderfully divine sensation I have ever felt: soul nectar. Soul nectar is like tasting the sweetest honey, except instead of coming from a flower, it oozes up from your insides with warm excitement. Living from soul nectar is passionate, powerful and purposeful, and I wish for every woman I meet to experience what I now live every day.

Let's be real for a moment

My life wasn't always this wonderful. I know what it's like to settle for a relationship that reflects your childhood wounds and fears rather than your self-love and big dreams. I know how it feels to try your hardest and still feel undervalued, unheard, criticized, and not good enough. I remember working long hours for decades doing a job I found meaningless because of the status that the money could buy. I remember how angry and frustrated I felt at the end of my marriage after decades of power struggles, over and over being told I was crazy for pursuing passion work and spiritual connection. I can still feel how much it hurt that my partner's love for me was only skin deep...he never truly saw me.

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Let me guide you out of the madness

The path to that life you desire for yourself is an inner journey of healing the subconscious. You can train your conscious mind to rigidly enforce affirmations, and when you find yourself in the same repeating patterns a year from now, stop back by and begin the real journey: the journey to deeply listen to yourself and discover who you really are.

Break free from subconscious quicksand.
I help clients reveal their own essence by exposing their subconscious programming. We can only change what we are aware exists, and to cultivate awareness we must be willing to do life differently and be uncomfortable in the process. The conscious mind only controls 10% of our life experiences. In the Law of Attraction, this means what we don't see in our shadow world is creating 90% of our lives.

Beware the false self and resistance to change.
Navigating the subconscious can be tricky because it is often defended by a fearful ego personality...the false self. That false self can send you down some thought tunnels and twisting mazes that lead you back to where you started, and having barely scratched the surface after all that effort. The work of personal transformation is also tricky because of the resistance to change from your partner, family and friends.

Get help to navigate the shadows.
Having a neutral witness who has years of training in spiritual inquiry is a valuable aid in this exploration process until you get to a cooperative place with your false self, and you're strong enough to hold your truth in the face of your loved ones. In other words, I can keep you on track and honest with yourself using my honed intuitive powers and shadow tracking skills until you can hold yourself in your own power.

This isn't about dependency

I don't want you to become dependent on me to make progress in your life: I want you to get over the hump of your life transition until it's picked up enough steam that you can keep forward momentum on your own. I want to share my toolbox with you, cultivated over a lifetime of experience and tens of thousands of dollars of intense spiritual exploration, to empower you to keep going towards your highest destiny. And I want to do such an amazing job guiding you that you refer all your friends to work with me.

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If you are ready to live from your essence, I have a gift for you

If you are really serious about committing to yourself, remembering your essence, and stepping into the life you came here to live...I want to do something special for you.

My mentoring time is valuable, but if you are really serious about finding your own soul nectar, I want to give you a gift.

This isn't for everyone. This takes dedication and commitment to yourself. It takes willingness to be vulnerable and uncomfortable as you face your inner demons (don't worry, I'll be right there with you).

This is specifically for those of you who have been struggling because you can’t seem to reach the level of success you know you deserve and you’re serious about living from your power and purpose.

I’m going to gift you with a 1:1 complimentary Catalyze Your Life - Discovery Session. No catch. I’m living my purpose and it’s my calling and my joy to help other amazing women who are serious about doing the same.

Talk to you soon!


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