Hearts on Fire - Firewalk Event

Saturday April 29, 6pm to 10pm
Off Slaughter, address upon registration

Less fear. More love. Take a journey with me out of the fear matrix and into possibility. Let the fire open your heart, clear the obstacles, and let the love come flooding in.

This one experience will change your life forever by transforming how you deal with fear.

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Soul Nectar Summit!

Soul Nectar Show ( is a new online interview forum whose mission is to inspire people to take the journey to living from essence. Every week you'll receive to your email a link to an inspirational interview with a person who has taken the journey to live their passions...and succeeded!

I'm launching Soul Nectar Show with a Summit on January 27th where I'll be interviewing my teachers! I've studied with many spiritual thought leaders over the last 6 years, and I'm delighted to share their wisdom with you.

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Drum Journey Circle

Friday February 24th, 7pm to 9pm
Cedar Park in a private home

The rhythmic heartbeat of the drum mimics the heartbeat of our mothers that we heard in the womb, and when we get into this space of drumming our minds relax into alpha and theta states, promoting lucid dreaming.

Drum journey meditations allow us to enter the void, quiet our minds, and access wisdom from our higher selves and spirit guides. Wisdom comes in many forms for each person. Some people see visuals similar to the dreams you experience when asleep. Others hear messages or have profound knowings, or simply enter a peaceful trance-like state that is revitalizing and relaxing (at the same time...paradoxes!).

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21-Day Challenge to Catalyze Your Life!

Do you have a big dream for 2017? Would you like to get started making it happen? I'm so excited to offer this FREE 21 Day Challenge to Catalyze Your Life! For 21 days you'll receive a daily email with a perspective shift, a tip for moving stuff out of the way, or a tool for bringing your big dream to life. There's even a private Facebook group for sharing your experience!

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