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How are you getting in your own way?

Great interview on Every Day is a New Day with host Kim O'Neill! Topic: How do we get in our own way? Listen:

5 Signs You Are Severely Passive Aggressive

(excerpt from my article published on Learning how to cope with inner resistance, disappointment, and conflict is part of the human experience. As toddlers, we handle it boldly, directly, and honestly: we have full-on tantrums. As we grow, however, we learn how to handle negative life situations with more finesse. We are taught starting…

You Just Need A Bigger Playground

Did you get the message as a kid that you were too loud and needed to tone it down? When I was a child, my dad would always recoil when I laughed at full volume. I got the message that my laugh was somehow bad, and I spent decades embarrassed by it. As I read…

What You Focus On Creates Your Reality

As I have expanded awareness of the thoughts that circulate through my brain, I have realized more and more that many of those initial fleeting negative thoughts are beyond my control. What is entirely within my control is whether I allow myself to feed those thoughts by believing them and giving them more energy by…

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