Kerri is a generous, intuitive, and gifted healer. I can't say enough about how much she has helped me in multiple ways. Recently we did a remote session focusing on a heart healing. It honestly rocked my world! She patiently and thoroughly shared all the details of what she would be doing with me and the shamanic tools she's would be using for the healing. The entire process was utterly guided by spirit and felt so sacred. When we were done, I felt like I had shed years, dare I say lifetimes, of stale, toxic, life-sucking energy that had been weighing me down. She let me know that I'd be feeling the effects of the healing for a few days and she was right. The next day I felt so much brighter and lighter and my mind was calm and present. Thank you, Kerri for sharing your gifts and heart with the world. You're an inspiration and I'm so blessed by you. 

Rita Quinn,