Dear Truthseekers, I am here to write about my experience with Hummingbird.  When she says she can act as a life catalyst, this is the absolute truth.  I sought Kerri out in November of 2015 after I went through a series of life changing events.  We have now had a year long relationship that includes healings, journeys, real and raw truth, and HUGE shifting changes.  Kerri has been a huge support system and has helped me piece together parts of my life in ways that have helped me make dramatic shifts and changes so that I can live the life that I know I was meant to live.  My mind shifted from desolation and disillusionment to a field of dreams where I am in the one in charge of my destiny. More than half of the time that I have been in connection with Kerri, I was still living in California.  Distance is not a setback for Kerri.  Some of the most important work that we did was remotely and over the phone. It made no difference..Kerri is so energetically in tune that she can more than feel into what is going on even if you are in a completely different location.  Kerri holds me accountable.  She is not afraid to tell you what you don’t want to hear but what you need to hear (in a very direct way). She is a fellow empath and is one of the most strong, authentic, kind, loving, nurturing, and real people I have met.  She has shown me how to become a witness of my experiences in order to see dynamics in my important relationships and the roles that I play.  Hummingbird will fight for you.  She will support and love you when you are at your ugliest and weakest point.  I am ever thankful for her being an integral part of my life.  What are you waiting for…? If you want to go on the biggest mind trip of your life, Kerri Hummingbird is the person to help you throughout your journey.

Kim Maleki,