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Dive Deeper into Reinvention with this 3 Part Series!
  •  3 WEBINARS that go beyond the introductory webinar to equip you with powerful tools and practices for claiming the life you desire
  •  6 NEW TOOLS for inner strength to handle chaos, reprogram your brain, release your past and know your own truth!
  •  GUIDED HEALING MEDITATIONS to powerfully set intentions and clear away undesired blocks so your dreams are set in motion!
  •  A Private Mentoring Call with Kerri Hummingbird (1 hour)
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Part One: Prepare the Chrysalis!
  •  Become more powerful by connecting to a bigger source of power...the Earth
  •  Discover your boundary and shield yourself from toxic energies
  •  Surround yourself with sacred space and navigate life with more ease and grace
  •  Expand your intuitive powers and receive messages from Spirit allies
  •  Rebalance your nervous system when stressed and anxious
  •  Clear your space of negative and intrusive energies & create a peaceful environment
  •    Give yourself support through ritual and intention
Part Two: Tune Into YOUR Truth!
  •  Liberate yourself from the tangled web of the Triangle of Disempowerment
  •  Listen in a new way with your senses to hear subtle Spirit communication
  •  Clear mental chatter and reprogram your mind to claim the thoughts YOU want
  •  Cleanse your chakras of stuck energy that's holding you back from your dream life
  •  Process and release stagnant emotions that are keeping you from joy and love
  •  Learn to listen to your own heart wisdom to get the answers to your urgent questions
  •  Empower yourself to live your life according to YOUR authentic TRUTH
Part Three: Dissolve & Evolve!
  •  Call forth your deepest desires into reality with a magical vision-setting practice
  •  Rewrite your past and claim your destiny with a mythical story that sets the wheels into motion energetically in your life
  •  Learn the art of non-judgmental truth telling
  •  Shift yourself to a higher destiny by healing the wounds of your inner child
  •  Connect with your soul and receive forgiveness, compassion and self love
  •  Learn to feel grateful for everything that's happened in your life
  •    Ask for what you truly, deeply desire and prepare yourself to receive it!
The most courageous thing you can do in life is to ask the Universe for what you truly, deeply desire.
The Universe will respond with everything you need to get you there. Let me teach you what I've learned.
Let me blow your mind and open your heart!
Kerri Hummingbird

"Kerri helps you make a massive transformation."

"Working with Kerri, I was able to clear out some negative emotions that were holding me back, and reprogram some hard-wired self-limiting beliefs. I highly recommend Kerri. If you're experiencing any life challenges, if you're blocked or stuck in any way, Kerri will unblock and un-stuck you."
- Wendy Nolin

"Powerful!! I have been experiencing some dramatic shifts…I feel so much more clear and open!!! I really appreciate you and your gift."

- Jennifer Finegold

"I actually won a radio contest for free tickets in Vegas right after leaving a session with Kerri!"

"I have been using Kerri Hummingbird’s services for three years now. If you have times of serious emotional or physical stress, there is nobody better to help guide you through your path to healing. I would recommend her to anyone!"
- Jason Rogers, D.C.
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