Join the Butterfly Circle for Live Monthly Training!
How fast do you want to evolve your life into the one you deeply desire? Would you like to reinvent yourself with like-minded friends from around the world?
The Butterfly Circle was created to provide YOU a pathway for transformation, healing, inspiration, and divine support.
Your inner butterfly has been trying to get your attention, and brought you here! Thousands of people around the world are waking up, just like you, and it's because we need your unique light.

It's time to awaken to your true self and step into your purpose! It's time to remember the magic that you are.

In the Live Monthly Webinars, Kerri Hummingbird will mentor you in a variety of powerful skills, tools, and practices that boost the reinvention process including:
  •  how to shield from negative energy
  •  how to reclaim your power from triggering situations and relationships
  •  how to discern your inner guidance from distracting energies
  •  how to receive messages from your spirit guides
  •  how to remember your life purpose and align to it
  •  how to attract love and prosperity
  •  and much more yumminess!
Your Inner Butterfly Is Calling.
Are You Ready To Answer?
  • Live Monthly Webinars: Every month you'll learn a new skill, practice, tool, or teaching to help you reinvent yourself into the butterfly you are meant to be.
  • Healing Meditations: Every month you'll receive a new meditation with high-vibration healing light to help you reclaim your power,  open your heart, and align you to your highest destiny.
  • Q&A: During our live monthly calls, you can ask ANY questions and receive guidance from the ascended masters who work through Kerri.
  •  Full Access: You'll receive full access to all recorded monthly webinars and healing meditations that have been delivered to the Butterfly Circle!
  •  Feel Great with Your Investment! 100% of proceeds are donated to charities that provide relief to the planet.
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