Catalyze Your Life


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Do you feel unfulfilled? Have you gotten lost in the shuffle of your own life?

How would you like to get reconnected back to your heart, your passion, your power and your purpose? How would you like to feel good again?

Catalyze Your Life with this pathway to success that starts from the heart! This course offers real-world experience, tools and practices from powerful spiritual teachers, and actions you can start taking today to transform your life into your dreams.



When my 20 year marriage ended just over 5 years ago, I felt lost. I didn't know who I was anymore, and I wasn't sure what I really wanted except that somehow, I wanted to feel good again. With the guidance of amazing spiritual teachers, I realized I could write a new epic story for myself. I realized that I could make my whole life into a beautiful piece of art. Now that I'm living that incredible life that I dreamed of, I want to share with YOU how I did it. I created this course to get you started on your help you Catalyze Your Life!

Here's the pathway to a new life:

  • Set Vision from the Heart
    What we think we want isn't always what we deeply desire. When passion is linked with life goals, when you do what you love, you'll be amazed at how the Universe conspires to help you realize your life vision. This segment offers tools, practices, and wisdom for diving into your heart to discover your deepest desires.
  • Build Support for Yourself
    You're about to make big changes in your life. Give yourself the support you need to be resilient through the uncomfortable moments. This segment offers suggestions for support roles to call into your life, and daily practices that will hold you securely through the bumpy parts.
  • Get Out of Your Own Way
    To live a different life it's necessary to do one thing: change. Change your underlying beliefs, coping strategies, and patterns of learned behavior that are not serving you. This segment describes the 4 coping strategies and includes a strategies quiz to help you identify yours! It also shares how to run experiments to disrupt strategies so you can cultivate awareness of underlying negative beliefs.
  • Turn Challenges Into Power
    The first thing most of us to when we find a negative belief or emotion is push it away or stuff it down. To turn that yuckiness into gold you have to do the opposite: you have to dive into it, be with the discomfort, and dissolve away the shadow to reveal the light. This segment offers practices for turning your challenges into your personal power.
  • Nurture Your Success
    Do you focus on what is going right in your life, or do you judge yourself for what you have not yet achieved? Do you have an inner drill sergeant in charge of goal execution? How would you like to accomplish even more by putting your inner goddess at the helm of your life vision? (yes! Even if you're a man you can put your inner goddess in charge!)  This segment explores how to unfold your success with intent, focus, gratitude, and lots of nurturing.
  • Invest In Your Dreams
    The most stable and permanent life change is one that flourishes from core inner transformation. When your being is vibrating at the frequency of your dreams, you are no longer striving or forcing your life to be what you just are the life you desire. This segment discusses the power of investing in yourself and shares methods of inner healing and shift that will profoundly catalyze your life!


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