12 Weeks to the New YOU: Reclaiming Your Life After Divorce


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Are you ready to reclaim your life following a divorce? If you are tired of settling for less than you’re worth, and are ready to live a deeply nourishing life that fulfills your desires, this course is for you!

Divorce is a major life transition, but it doesn’t have to be crippling…it can be an incredible opportunity to step into a new life that brings you incredible joy.

In this course I share healing modalities and powerful tools and practices that will streamline your transition so that you can get to the good part faster. The lessons in this course are derived from my own experience of manifesting the life of my dreams following the end of my 20 year relationship. This stuff really works!



If you're ready to reclaim your life after your divorce, I'm excited to help you! This course has the same tools and practices that I used to completely rewrite the script following the ending of my 20 year relationship. Every week you'll release more of what doesn't serve you, and fill up with more healing and high vibrations, so you can start living life for YOU.

I've built into this course assessments and weekly measurements so you can chart your progress of healing and transformation into the NEW YOU. This course also includes a FREE copy of From We To Me: Emerging Self After Divorce which reached #16 in the Divorce category on Amazon.

This course can be self-guided, or you can combine it with 12 weeks of mentoring sessions. If you'd like to explore mentoring sessions, click below to take the Catalyze Your Life Assessment and schedule your complimentary 45 minute Discovery Session.

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